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ent in the future. "Enterpr▓ises at the event are also calling for more efforts to shift their economic growth model, and achieve more sustainable economic d▓evelopment by using sound scientific methods.Li Shiming, Director of Environment Protection Department of Shendong Coal Co. said "I hope all the enterprises can make use of their own advantage, and actively learn from others' experiences and technologies. I hope w▓e will all progress in environmental protection."The China Environmental Prize has been held for five years to encourage environmental protection efforts ▓in the country. Now protecting the env

ironment has become a fundamental government policy in China. How to shift from an energy consuming model to a more sustainable one is considered crucial for the country's economic development.By Xinhua writer Wu Qi BEIJING, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Tang Keshuai has been down in the dumps for months, ever since he began to feel the pinch of a constrictive money supply since mid March. Tang, manager of Langyu Plastic and Ru

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bber Co. Ltd., a plastic and rubber product producer based in east China's Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, used to settle his accounts with raw material supp▓liers once every four months, on the traditional Chinese lunar festivals of Dragon Boat, M▓id Autumn and Spring Festival respectively. But the rule was changed in mid March when raw material suppliers asked for accounts to be settled once each month. The change was not a good one. The▓ original four-month span allowed Tang to have sufficient active money in his capital chain. Capital pressure from upstream was one part of the story. Tang received smaller orders over the past mont▓hs. In the first three quarters, Tang's company had only 3 million yu

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